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Glenn Bailey & Diabetes Technologies

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

A message from IPCIUM's founder & CEO, Glenn Bailey.

As a (well-seasoned) Type 1 diabetic with 28 years-experience under my belt, I’m extremely thankful for the tireless dedication of all researchers, developers and individuals who have hypothesised, designed, coded, piloted, trialled, supported, and prescribed the countless new products and technologies continuously being developed to improve the quality of life of my fellow T1DM family members around the world!

Whilst a relatively late adopter of Insulin Pump and CGM technologies, I recently looked back and reflected on my 10-12 year journey of having to learn how to successfully navigate and utilise each of these game-changing innovative diabetes technologies, in my never ending pursuit of stable (never perfect) blood glucose levels.

I recently started with both the Omnipod DASH - Insulin Pump and Dexcom 6 – Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and have been loving the simplicity, transparency and flexibility they both provide, and I eagerly await the introduction of their “closed loop” offering in Australia.

I’m extremely grateful for the privilege I have had in accessing each of these technologies, which have kept me alive and healthy all these years, and I look forward to helping improve access to and education around these life-saving technologies.

Sending out a huge THANK YOU and WELL DONE to the current Australian Government, the NDSS, Diabetes Australia and all of those involved in helping to improve access for all Australians living with T1DM.

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