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IPCIUM employs a unique combination of novel clinical assessment tools CDMiQ supported by web enabled technologies and digital health management toolkit MyPERSN to unlock potent resourcing efficiencies for IPCIUM’s Alliance Partners through:

  • Automation of the referral intake and patient onboarding process

  • De-warehousing of patient waitlist

  • AI integration of assessment screening interventions   

  • Live participant dashboard reporting across entire treatment team ecosystem


To find out how IPCIUM can support your organisation to maximise your untapped resourcing efficiencies, contact our Alliance Partner Integration team here.

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We’re ambitious about growing IPCIUM so that we can help millions of people suffering from chronic disease worldwide. To achieve this, we’re looking for investors who are excited by the opportunity to share in our journey of creating an industry defining company.  The team at IPCIUM are committed to developing industry leading supportive healthcare technologies, capable of providing millions of people worldwide with immediate access to a cost-effective technology supported healthcare solution.


To find out how you can support the creation of an industry defining company, IPCIUM are inviting sophisticated investors to contact our Investor Relations team here.


IPCIUM are an organisation of like-minded individuals, who are passionate about improving the health literacy of those Australians diagnosed with a chronic illness. We are creating a new ecosystem of allied health support and medical directed care protocols to help individuals adopt positive health behaviours and live longer, healthier lives through our market leading web enabled technologies and digital health management toolkit. 


It is an extremely exciting time to join our team as you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with our founding members as you help to weave the fabric of our culture and environment into our product and service offering.  Our team of uniquely trained allied health professionals and IT specialists, currently based in Australia and Canada, are passionate about empowering individuals with chronic disease management through the development, piloting and integration of novel healthcare technologies.


To find out more about our upcoming vacancies, we encourage you to share why working with IPCIUM is important to you here.  


IPCIUM’s Peer-to-Peer Lived Experience Group Program MyPERSN provides participants with access to an easy to navigate and engaging user-friendly web and mobile enabled platform, designed to impart long lasting foundational knowledge, whilst supporting and encouraging participants to take control of their health and wellbeing.


The upcoming MyPERSN Pilot Program is an opportunity for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes to experience, test and trial IPCIUM’s ground-breaking new approach to chronic disease management.  Individuals wishing to participate in a MyPERSN Pilot Program are encouraged to register an initial expression of interest. 


To find out more about upcoming Pilot Programs in your area, enquire .

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