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Our Mission

IPCIUM's Mission is to empower and equip individuals suffering from chronic disease with the knowledge, skills and tools required to self manage their care pathways with agency & confidence.

Our Vision

IPCIUM's Vision is to establish a structured peer-to-peer mentoring program, facilitated by expertly trained allied health professionals and underpinned via market leading technologies to engage individuals with chronic illness and enable positive lifestyle health behaviours.

Our Story
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New Locations

UK & CAN Pilot Trials 2023

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Program and Platform R&D

CDMiQ & MyPERSN Pilot Trial 2022/23 

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Proof Of Concept

Feasibility Study Early 2021



Concept created 2014

IPCIUM founded February 2021


Advisory Board & Partnerships 2022/23 

Presentation of Research 2023/24


Chronic Disease & Type 2 Diabetes

Challenges & Solutions 2021/2022 

Future Opportunities

Program Diversification 

Application Potential 2024/25

Our Values
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Market Leaders in Innovation

Innovation is the core of our business. We’re here to make a real difference to patients' lives by re-imagining how healthcare should be done. We're redefining traditional healthcare models by improving patient health literacy. We facilitate patient knowledge and self-efficacy through a lived experience approach. We're always striving to help our alliance partners find a better way to get the job done. We don’t allow ourselves to be stopped by roadblocks, rather we shift our thinking to identify practical solutions.

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Bold & Ambitious

We are inspired to continuously learn, grow and strive for excellence. We set ambitious goals and throw everything into achieving them. We celebrate all our wins and misses, recognizing that we each contribute towards a common goal, so we can share in the value we collectively create. We categories and measure our outcomes, so that we have a greater understanding of our behaviors and so that we can benchmark our performance by continuously setting meaningful new goals for ourselves.

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Outcome Focused

We are outcome focused and recognise that in order to achieve our collective vision, we need to be committed to our own success one hundred percent of the time. We know that the strongest and most successful teams foster diverse personalities, talents and skills and we believe in utilising our experience to help each other to grow and achieve our best. So that in turn, we can support our clients to grow and achieve the health outcomes they desire and deserve.

Our Lived Experience
Glenn Bailey
CEO & Managing Director

IPCIUM was created as a result of the lived experiences and personal challenges faced by our company founder, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and a subsequent auto-immune disease after contracting a virus as a fit young adult at the age of 24, whilst studying at university. Progression of his symptoms resulted in major surgical intervention within two years of diagnosis, resulting in the need for significant lifestyle modification and behavioural changes following a prolonged period of recovery and self-initiated research into the management of his multiple conditions.


As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Insulin Dependent Diabetic, working in the field of Chronic Disease Management and Occupational Rehabilitation for over 27 years, our founder was unable to find a program, which adequately addresses unique patient lived experiences, provided a structured peer to peer support network and equipped patients with the tools and self confidence required to adequately measure, track, improve and report on their health literacy and self efficacy. So IPCIUM was born to empower those individuals facing the day to day challenges of managing their chronic disease and equip them with the tools required to transform their lives.

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