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Chronic Disease Pandemic

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Chronic disease is responsible for 74% of deaths globally, with just under half of all Australians living with one or more chronic condition, whilst 1 in 5 currently live with two or more.

Chronic conditions can have long-lasting effects upon quality of life across the lifespan, impact individual health outcomes and significantly increase an individual’s risk of developing additional conditions. Currently, 71% of Australians living with Diabetes also live with two or more chronic conditions (multiple morbidities), have more complex health needs, experience difficulties with everyday activities, and have a poorer overall quality of life.

The good news is that individuals with Diabetes and associated comorbidities can be supported to manage their conditions effectively through improved education (health literacy) and the adoption of positive health behaviours (self-efficacy).

Innovative new programs are being developed by IPCIUM to empower and equip individuals living with complex chronic disease, with the knowledge, skills and tools required to manage their care pathways and live healthier & more productive lives.

For reference, IPCIUM have utilised the following resources:


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