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Shine a Light on Diabetes Education

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

In support of World Diabetes Day, IPCIUM are shining a light on the International Diabetes Federation’s campaign to improve diabetes awareness and education.

With out-of-pocket costs and access to meaningful outcome focused educational programs being the primary barriers to accessing care, it is no surprise that only half of all Australians living with diabetes (approximately) have accessed a suitable diabetes education program.

The World Health Organisation acknowledges that diabetes education is a cost-effective health measure, with a reported 16-fold return on investment for each dollar spent on preventative education measures. Meaning, a $257 investment in diabetes education would result in a $4,200 healthcare cost saving for each individual participant.

IPCIUM are developing innovative new programs supported by a user friendly platform to empower and equip individuals living with diabetes, with the knowledge, skills and tools required to manage their care pathways and live healthier & more productive lives.

IDF have also collated a number of free educational resources including webinars and short courses for HCPs and individuals with diabetes, to improve the knowledge and practical skills required for the effective management of diabetes and diabetic related conditions.

Health Care Professionals (HCPs) can access IDF educational courses here.

Carers and individuals with diabetes access IDF educational courses here.

For reference, IPCIUM have utilised the following resources:


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