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Improving healthcare through digital technologies

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Digital health is an umbrella term describing a range of technologies that can be used to connect healthcare between individuals, healthcare professionals, private organisations, and hospital networks. The increase in health technologies has improved access to and provision of services by increasing the quality and efficiency of information sharing and tracking across health systems and individuals.

Digital health technologies increase the availability and accessibility of quality healthcare services for all, interconnecting health care providers, enabling a patient centric approach, and providing individuals with greater control over their personal health journey, ultimately resulting in improved clinical health outcomes.

In Australia today, digital health technologies are currently used by over half of the adult population in one form or another, including technologies such as:

⏩ Electronic Medical Records (My Health Record)

⏩ Electronic Scripts

⏩ Mobile Health Applications (Apps)

⏩ Radiology Advancements

⏩ Robotic Surgeries

⏩ Telehealth / Telemedicine

⏩ Wearable devices (Blood Pressure Monitors, Continuous Glucose Monitors,


One of the positive outcomes of the COVID-19 epidemic, was the widespread implementation and acceptance of telehealth and telemedicine services, which resulted in; improvements in access to health care services; a reduction to the cost of healthcare delivery; reduced need to travel; increased efficiencies in service delivery timeframes; enhancements in the delivery of high quality healthcare services to rural and remote communities.

Digital health technologies support improved continuity of care, communication and efficiency between individuals and the greater network of healthcare providers by:

✅ Streamlining access to individual health data (improved timeliness)

✅ Providing digitally enabled medication and health risk screening alerts

✅ Improving clinical decision making and patient safety with real-time decision


Innovative new health technologies such as mobile Apps and digital health platforms are putting the power back into the hands of the individual by providing users with the ability to monitor their own health and upload data directly to their treatment team to observe and assess in real time.

IPCIUM are developing innovative new digital health tools, programs, and technologies specifically designed to empower and equip individuals living with chronic disease, with the skills, knowledge and tools required to manage their care pathways and live healthier & more productive lives.

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