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Transitioning to a digital healthcare system

Services Australia have announced an update to the myGov App, providing Australians with the option of adding a digital version of their Medicare Card to myGov’s digital wallet later this year.

“People expect online services to be simple to use, and the new myGov App is another important step forward in the transformation of Australian government digital services,” Minister for Government Services, Bill Shorten.

The federal government’s move to store cards and documents on myGov’s authenticated digital wallet provides Australians with:

🔐 Convenient and secure options for connecting with government services;

📲 Improved accessibility by harnessing the inbuilt functions of mobile devices, such as

displaying larger text or text-to-speech options;

💻 Improved data privacy by decreasing the requirement for large companies to store your data.

The option to store selected government-issued cards and documents in myGov’s digital wallet already exists (e.g. international COVID-19 vaccination certificates), with myGov using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security, providing users with the ability to choose how they sign-in to the app, by using either:

🔢 a six-digit PIN

👆 fingerprint recognition features

👩‍💻 facial recognition features

Government-issued cards and documents stored in the digital wallet can be verified through a QR code, which is shared with service providers to confirm that the document is genuine and valid. This important feature reduces the need for providers to store our personal information.

IPCIUM asked LinkedIn community members... How do you feel about transitioning to a digital system… are you ready to add your Medicare card to myGov’s digital wallet App?

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