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Chronic Disease Management Summit 23 Nov 2022

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Feeling energised after two days of collaboration with the countries' thought leaders at the 2nd Annual Chronic Disease Management Summit, Randwick Sydney.

Such a unique & meaningful program, providing the opportunity to learn, share and cultivate meaningful conversations with healthcare professionals, government agencies and other innovators in the digital health and chronic disease management space.

It was fantastic hearing from Youth and Disability Advocate, Lived Experience Engagement Consultant, and Health Strategist #HarryIlesMann and also the amazing team from #WesternSydneyDiabetesInnitiative and #AgenceyforClinicalInnovation.

The challenges associated with delivering meaningful healthcare interventions aligned with the needs of individuals with multiple complex diseases that are flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of individuals from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds are indeed complex... but we must rise to the challenge.

IPCIUM are developing innovative new programs to empower and equip individuals living with complex chronic disease, with the knowledge, skills and tools required to manage their care pathways with agency & confidence.

For reference, IPCIUM have utilised the following resources:


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