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Your Individual Health Journey

When we consider the demands that we place upon ourselves in our day-to-day lives, such as keeping the lights turned on; family fed; car running; kids in school; house and yard maintained, it’s easy to understand how difficult it can be to find the energy, time, motivation and willpower to prioritise our own health, wellness and self-care needs.

At times we find ourselves questioning our ability to cope with the many extra decisions associated with managing our health effectively, let alone taking the time to ensure we also address our daily health, wellness & self-care needs. The result is that we are often left feeling stressed and overwhelmed, which in-turn leads to the reinforcing of unhealthy behaviours and lifestyle factors, such as; poor diet and nutritional habits (unhealthy snacking and overconsumption of fast foods); poor movement and exercise habits (reduction in incidental activity and fitness routines) and the adoption of poor sleep patterns (staying awake streaming shows and accessing social media).

Our waistline expands, our self-belief declines, our hope weakens, our stress increases and our ability to empathise and care for ourselves dissolves, perpetuating the ongoing cycle of diminishing self-care.

Over time this diminished ability to care for ourselves and self-manage our health and wellbeing, results in the development of chronic disease states, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, coronary artery disease, arthritis and Type 2 Diabetes. The following statistics demonstrating the prevalence of chronic disease in our society, highlights the epidemic that we are currently facing as a society.

💙 By the age of 45 - 13.6% of all Australians will have 1 or more chronic disease

💙 By the age of 55 - 30.8% of all Australians will have 1 or more chronic disease

💙 By the age of 65 - 46.6% of all Australians will have 1 or more chronic disease

IPCIUM understands that everyone’s journey and experiences are unique, including the factors that have contributed towards the development of your Type 2 Diabetes (your individual health journey), which is why during the month of April, we will be releasing a short, daily poll on LinkedIn to understand how living with Type 2 Diabetes in Australia has impacted your health. We are very excited to connect with and learn about your individual experience with Type 2 Diabetes over the next 4 weeks!


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