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Kidney Disease is more than a wee problem

“Kidney Disease is more than a wee problem” 🚻 IPCIUM stand together with Kidney Health Australia in recognising the importance of taking collective action to help in raising awareness of the largely symptomless nature of kidney disease, in pursuit of engaging the 1.8 million Australians unaware they are living with kidney disease.

By understanding the risk factors contributing to the development of Kidney Disease, we can help raise awareness across our communities by harnessing the power of early intervention and requesting a Kidney Health Check from our GP.

IPCIUM are working hard to support our primary health care system by developing evidence-based, high quality and accessible digital health care solutions. With a focus upon empowering individuals living with chronic conditions such as Kidney Diseases, with the knowledge, skills and tools required to improve their health literacy and achieve healthier and more productive lives.


Kidney Health Original Post - 22 May 2023

Kidney Health Week starts today! This year we're continuing our efforts to reach and engage the 1.8 million Australians who are unaware they live with kidney disease. Due to the largely symptomless nature of kidney disease at its early stages, raising awareness about early detection will help find, diagnose and treat these millions of people before they reach the devastating reality of kidney failure. Australians commonly associate early signs of kidney disease with changes to wee. This misconception can lead to fewer people getting their kidneys checked, waiting for symptoms that may not appear. In fact, you can lose 90% of kidney function with no warning. With this in mind, Kidney Health Week has a clear message: ‘kidney disease. It’s more than a wee problem.’ Download the Digital Toolkit here to help us spread the message:


For reference, IPCIUM have utilised the following resources:


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