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Personal Insights & Experience with Type 2 Diabetes (Your Healthcare Team) 17-21 Apr 23

Updated: May 15, 2023

IPCIUM wants to connect with individuals living with chronic disease, like yourselves, in the hope that you will share your personal insights into your experience with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D). Not only because everyone’s experience is unique, but because sharing your individual journey provides understanding, acceptance and encouragement to individuals with similar lived experiences.

IPCIUM are excited to provide you with the opportunity to connect with us and our community, as we get to know you better. Over the month of April, we will be delivering a short, daily poll to understand what living with Type 2 Diabetes looks like to you.

This week, IPCIUM are asking its community members to share their personal insights and experiences around their healthcare team and how they support you with the management of your Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

Poll Day 1

💡 How has your healthcare team demonstrated their understanding of your lived experience with your Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)?

  1. They regularly check in with me

  2. They recall previous concerns

  3. They consider my family life

  4. They ask about the impact of T2D

Poll Day 2

💡 How does your healthcare team approach your concerns around your lived experience with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)?

  1. My concerns are acknowledged

  2. My concerns are understood

  3. We identify solutions together

  4. There’s never time to discuss

Poll Day 3

💡 How does your healthcare team help you to navigate the challenges involved with managing your T2D, whilst keeping on top of your other responsibilities?

  1. My working life is considered

  2. My family life is considered

  3. We only discuss my T2D

  4. They understand my journey

Poll Day 4

💡 How could your healthcare team better support you to navigate the daily challenges involved with managing your T2D and your other responsibilities?

  1. Increased access/availability

  2. Patient centric approach

  3. Engaging education resources

  4. Inclusive collaborative care

Poll Day 5

💡 What steps have your healthcare team taken to empower / enable you to take more control and agency over the management of your T2D?

  1. They involve me in decisions

  2. They ask me to contribute

  3. They help me set meaningful goals

  4. They look after my healthcare

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