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LuminaX Incubator Launch 16 Feb 23

What an exciting evening networking with our fellow digital health innovators at the 2023 LuminaX Program Launch and Information Night! Sponsored by COHORT, Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct and Griffith University, the LuminaX health-tech incubator program is quickly positioning itself as the centre for digital health innovation across Australia.

The LuminaX Accelerator Program provides comprehensive support to Healthtech start-ups over the duration of the 14-week immersive program, presenting founders with access and exposure to an extensive support network, customised in-kind support and vital links to experienced mentors, industry partners and qualified investors.

Dren Xerxa, LuminaX Program Director, demonstrated his passion for nurturing innovation in the health tech space and supporting early-stage start-ups with the big hairy goal of facilitating the rapid acceleration and maximising the potential for success of 10 early stage start-ups.

Since launching in 2021, LuminaX has already accelerated 21 Australian startups! In 2023 LuminaX Accelerator Program partners include the following organisations:

🔥 Advance Queensland

🚀 Aginic Ventures

🔥 COHORT Innovation Space

🚀 City of Gold Coast

🔥 Griffith University

🚀 intelliHQ

🔥 Queensland Government

🚀 Queensland Hub

🔥 Mater Health

IPCIUM is excited by the opportunity to participate in the 2023 accelerator program and the potential to work with industry professionals like Dren and the LuminaX team as we pave the way to improved healthcare outcomes and access through supportive digital technologies.

For reference, IPCIUM have utilised the following resources:


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