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Entrepreneurs Summit 13 Feb 2023

Earlier this week, ICPIUM had the opportunity to attend the Entrepreneurs Summit at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for a day of continuous learning and growth, headlined by thought leaders... Aaron Sansoni, Naomi Simson, and Kerry Fitzgibbon.

Stepping out of the digital technologies and chronic disease management space for the day, challenged our thinking, funnelling expert knowledge and concepts through the healthcare lens, inspiring us to brainstorm innovative new ways of getting our digital health services and platform into the hands of our future partners and digital technology consumers.

Aaron Sansoni, empire builder, philanthropist, and bestselling author, highlighted the importance of being open to opportunity and giving yourself permission to take massive and immediate action (M.A.I.A) demonstrating the power and impact of shifting your mindset.

Naomi Simson, founder of RedBalloon and co-founder of the Big Red Group, shared the importance of staying continuously curious and how listening deeply to your customer and aligning business purpose as the driver for cultivating meaningful change in the lives of others.

Kerry Fitzgibbon, Meta Marketing Master, explained the ins and outs of how to effectively leverage social channels to improve market penetration and engagement.

IPCIUM’s dedication to bringing innovative new digital healthcare solutions to the global healthcare market in support of those individuals facing the daily challenges of managing multiple co-morbidities, has resulted in some amazing developments and we are looking forward to being able to share some of our results over the next few months.


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