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Empowering Patients Transforming Lives

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IPCIUM      Know Yourself, Heal Yourself

IPCIUM empowers and educates individuals diagnosed with chronic disease, providing tools and confidence required to effectively self-manage their condition. Our mission is to become the industry leader in setting a new standard of health care for individuals with chronic illness. IPCIUM enables participants to adopt positive health behaviours and live longer, healthier & more productive lives through a unique service offering; combining AHP facilitated lived-experience group programs; peer-to-peer accountability; engaging digital health management toolkit and market leading patient reported outcome measures.

Answering The Challenge

Healthcare systems aren't currently working for everyone. IPCIUM seeks to answer this challenge by helping people gain control over their health and allowing them to achieve the wellbeing they're capable of. Our solution to this global problem is underpinned by four key principles:

Human Challenges require

Human Solutions

Hard problems are the ones

Worth solving

Health requires Empowerment & Literacy whilst Care requires Humanity & Intervention

Curiosity and desire to explore the Unknown unlocks the best discoveries

What We Do


IPCIUM connects participants with similar lived experience through an Allied Health Professional facilitated group program, which harnesses the power of participants’ own lived experiences to identify and implement outcome focused solutions and interventions.

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IPCIUM empowers individuals to affect positive lifestyle change through a peer-to-peer accountability framework linked to a user friendly and engaging technology interface.



IPCIUM supports health care professionals improve patient outcomes through their market leading outcome measures and digital health management toolkit, which allows individuals to tackle their personal health challenges and build the lives they want.

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